Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun with Mom and Dad

I will now pay homage to the Dick and Jane primers, and to the classic break-down in communication between husband and wife.

See Mom go. See Dad sit.
See Mom work. See Dad recline.
See Mom work more. See Dad read.
See Mom work. See Dad doze.
See Mom fume. See Dad drool.
See Mom bang
around dishes in a
manner in an attempt
to let Dad know his
behavior is unacceptable. See Dad stir.
See Mom change tactics. Hear Dad snore.
See Mom nudge Dad. See Dad wake up.
See Mom scowl. Hear Dad say, "What's wrong?"
Hear Mom say, "Nothing." Hear Dad say, "Ok."
See Mom punish Dad for sleeping. See Dad clueless.
See Mom enraged. See Dad upset.
See Mom explode. See Dad react.
See them fight.
See argument escalate.
See argument resolve.
See Mom and Dad kiss.
See Mom go. See Dad sit.

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