Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where, Oh Where Has Our Little 'Mote Gone?

Our remote went missing yesterday. I sent Pierce on a hunt, but that turned up nothing but whine. We gave up, knowing that I would find it in some random place like in a heating duct or in the tupperware drawer. I was wrong. So wrong.

Later that night, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I opened the dishwasher to unload the dishes. Do you know what happens to a remote when it goes through a cycle in the dishwasher? I do.

The batteries revolt. They make you think they are working, giving you a false sense of relief that you don't have to replace the universal remote, only to discover that the buttons on the remote are slowly losing their function. Like the "channel up" button not working. Then it was the "volume" button. Next came the "power" button. I held my breath as I replaced the batteries, hoping they were the culprits and not the water damage in the remote. And? It worked. The remote is back to 100% functionality, and as an added bonus, is very clean. Cascade clean.

Moral of the story? Keep the remote up high. Very, very high. Unless your remote is dirty and you have extra batteries on hand. Oh, and don't leave the dishwasher open.

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