Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Say What?

Learning the English language is difficult.  I know this because I have kids who sometimes dangle, twist, and confuse words.  Two examples:

Pierce: Mom! There's a peasant in our yard!

Peasant? Did your mind immediately shoot back to the Middle Ages? He meant pheasant.

Pierce (while making sugar cookies with sprinkles): I'm going to shake this to get the sprinklers out.

Even after that correction, he still insists on calling "sprinkles" "sprinklers." Sigh. In the meantime, I hear "sing" for "thing," but "something" is "something," so I know he's getting there.  And of course, Caroline still wants to "open it door," but Charlotte can clearly say, "oh-oh" and "mama." I hear "oh-oh" a lot more than "mama."

Looks like a little patients patience is in order while they get this language sing figured out.

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