Sunday, November 1, 2009


Mankie is missing.  Mankie is Caroline's beloved blanket that used to be pink and is now a dingy, uh, well, a dingy pink, despite my best efforts to clean it and restore it to its original color. Mankie (called so because Caroline cannot say "blankie" yet.  Mankie has actually evolved over the last year.  It started out as "Mamie," morphed into "Mankie," slipped from "Manket" back to "Mankie." I still miss "Mamie." Back to the point). 

When Mankie disappears, it is usually at the hand of Pierce who likes to see Caroline fall into hysterics when she can't find the used-to-be-bright-pink-but-is-now-a-dingy-pink-and-sometimes-smells blanket. Update: Mankie has been recovered.  It's location came after a confession from Pierce, who stashed it in the TV console side door. I have also found Mankie tossed in the linen closet, wadded up behind the couch, and tucked inside a kitchen cabinet.  Shelves and doors seem to be the common denominators when it comes to hiding spots.  I'll keep that in mind for next time.

When Mankie goes missing, chaos reigns. When Mankie gets washed, crying ensues.  When Mankie gets taken, hysteria abounds. This delights Pierce to no end. To. no. end. Sigh. The reunion between Mankie and Caroline is always the same: girl hugs blanket, girl rubs the material that used to be silk, girl calms down. Immediately.  Is this cause for concern? Not yet. It could be a problem, yes, but we're not there yet. Why? Because I think that Mankie will slowly deteriorate into nothing but a thread of silk.  Hard to console yourself with just a thread.  Until then, hide-'n-seek will continue, as will the tears and screams.  Lots of screams. 

I better buy some earplugs. 

The Mankie thief and Caroline

                                   Mankie, in the lap of a younger Caroline.                                                   

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