Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Miracle

My laptop has been resurrected. After the milk dumping incident, I was beside myself, grieving for the loss of pictures and data.  And access to the internet. Mostly the loss of my pictures.  So I had the kids kneel down and we all said prayers asking Heavenly Father to restore my laptop long enough to retrieve and back up our files.  And He did. I'm still in the process of backing up files, but all of our pictures have been backed up.  Lesson learned on that one.  Ok, lessons.
                   1. Don't leave the laptop next to milk. Ever.
                   2. Back up all photos. Always.
                   3. Tie up Caroline Make sure children are not left unsupervised around laptop.
                   4. Prayer works.

If I suddenly go offline, it's because my files have been backed up. But let's hope, no pray, for the best.

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