Sunday, December 13, 2009

Woot, Woot!

I think "woot, woot" is funny. It's something you don't say in every day life, just online life. I conducted an experiement on my kids, who have a shortage of short-term memory storage and wouldn't remember the following exercise in linguistics. So, in Scientific Method style, here we go.

Observation: "Woot, woot is only said online, not in person.
Hypothesis: "Woot, woot" is the online way to "high-five" and awkward if said in person.
Prediction: Saying, "woot, woot" in person would not be well-received.
Experiement: I celebrated an acheivement by saying, "woot, woot."
Conclusion: My kids looked at me like I had two heads. That look is why we don't say it. It's kinda weird. But perfectly acceptable to write in blogs. Or on Facebook. But not in line at the Post Office. "Sending a package to San Deigo? I LOVE San Diego! Woot, woot!" Again, the two-heads look, and the package is clutched a little tighter.

So let's have a "woot, woot." Just not in person.

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